Formulation Feasibility & Optimization

Phosphorex’s lab operations team specializes in the development of particulate based drug delivery systems for sustained release and targeted drug delivery. With over 15 years of experience, we have focused on the following platforms:

  • Lipid Nanoparticles (LNPs)
  • Liposomes
  • Polymeric Nanoparticles (PNPs)
  • Polymeric Microspheres (PMPs)

Our formulation labs are equipped with industry-leading equipment and cutting-edge technologies. This empowers our team to tackle complex challenges and efficiently develop formulations with precise physicochemical properties and exceptional in-vivo performance.
Phosphorex’s Formulation Services Capabilities include:

  • Identification of formulation objectives and Target Product Profile (TPP)
  • Formulation and process screening to identify promising prototype formulations while identifying Critical Process Parameters
  • Analytical method development (stage-appropriate)
  • Lead formulation selection and further optimization (as required)
  • Fabrication of lead formulations for pre-clinical evaluation (in vitro and in vivo screening)
For Formulation Services, we provide the following service offerings:
For Formulation Services, we offer the use of the following equipment, systems & technologies:

What Differentiates Us?

Our formulation scientists collaborate closely with clients to fully understand the target product profile. We leverage this valuable insight to develop particulate-based drug delivery systems with precise physicochemical properties and outstanding in-vivo performance.

Our team prioritizes scalability and clinical relevance, ensuring a smooth transition from formulation feasibility and optimization to process scale-up and clinical batch manufacturing.

We specialize in developing particulate-based drug delivery systems for a broad range of payloads to include:

  • nucleic acids (mRNA, siRNA, pDNA, oligonucleotides)

  • small molecules

  • peptides

  • antibodies

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