Supporting Analytical Services

Phosphorex's analytical services team specializes in the characterization of particulate-based drug delivery systems, supporting pharmaceutical development from feasibility to clinical trials. We recognize the interconnection between formulation, process, and analytics, collaborating closely with clients to identify and develop phase-appropriate analytical methods that drive programs towards clinical success.

Our team brings extensive experience in supporting a wide range of clients, from biotech startups to large biopharmaceutical companies. We have a proven track record in characterizing diverse payloads, including:

  • nucleic acids (mRNA, siRNA, pDNA, oligonucleotides)
  • small molecules
  • peptides & proteins
  • antibodies
Equipped with cutting-edge facilities, advanced equipment, and innovative technologies, our analytical services team excels in complex problem-solving and efficient method development and sample characterization.
For Analytical, we provide the following Capabilities & Services:

For Analytical Services, we offer the following systems, equipment, and technologies:

At Phosphorex, our team of experts is committed to working collaboratively with you. We strive to deeply understand your needs, offer valuable recommendations, and develop the precise methods necessary to propel your particulate-based drug delivery system development forward. Contact us at to get your project started!

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